Softlon SP

Softlon SP

PP foam with improved heat resistance and rigidity, suitable as a material for vehicle parts

With high performance obtained by further improving the heat resistance and rigidity of Softlon NF, this PP foam exhibits little change in dimensions and shape at a high temperature of 120°C and allows deep draw vacuum forming.

Features of Softlon SP

  • High expandability and stiffness

  • Suitable for tape bases with superior skin strength (against peeling)

  • Maintaining the high basic performance of Softlon.


Polypropylene (PP) resin has excellent heat-stability, Softlon SP can withstand high temperatures during molding, enabling highly deep drawability.

Vacuum forming

Vacuum forming test video

Vacuum forming test video button

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Softlon sheet is heated and softened to closely affix to the mold and then air is evacuated to produce a thermoformed product.

Mold-drawing ratio

Mold-drawing ratio

After vacuum forming

After vacuum forming

Mold drawing ratio (H/D)

The ratio of the height (H) to the diameter (D) of the vacuum forming mold to show how deep the workpiece is drawn.

Measurement: Sekisui method

The foam is heated to a specified temperature, then taken out of the furnace to vacuum-form into cups of different heights.

Heat resistance

With excellent heat-resistance, polypropylene (PP) resin has minimal thermal shrinkage even in the high temperature range.



Thermal shrinkage rate

The rate represents how much the foam changes in size at each temperature when heated without an external force applied. While polyethylene foam deforms as shown in the figure on the left when heated to 80°C or higher, polypropylene foam has excellent heat resistance with a shrinkage rate of 3% or less even at 140°C.

Measurement: According to JIS K 6767

The foam is heated to a specified temperature for 10 minutes, then taken out and left at room temperature for one hour to measure the dimensional change before and after heating.


Automotive interior trim molded products: Minimum shrinkage at a high temperature of 120°C, enabling deep drawing

  • Applications
  • Applications
  • Applications
  • Applications

Applications of Softlon SP

  • Door trim
  • Instrument panel
  • Floor sheet
  • Seat back, etc.
  • Packaging
  • Sports goods, etc.
  • PTC heater harness dashboard

    PTC heater harness dashboard

  • PTC heater harness

    PTC heater harness

  • In-vehicle camera

    In-vehicle camera

  • Fruit protection tray

    Fruit protection tray



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