Its well-balanced basic performance is highly evaluated around the world.

Softlon is a closed cell, physically cross-linked polyolefin foam, which is one of the main products of Sekisui Chemical.
The reason it has been widely adopted over many other products across the world is its high performance in an ideal balance.
Softlon can be adapted to various applications, which has been established a solid position as an industrial standard.

Softlon features and functions
  • Water resistance
    Water absorption

    Closed cell foam made of polyolefin resin having low water absorption impregnable to water

  • Strength

    Widely used as a sturdy yet flexible material with superior heat resistance over non-crosslinked foam

  • Flexibility

    Resin’s intrinsic softness and closed cell structure providing reasonable bouncing and cushioning

  • Heat resistance

    With excellent heat-resistance, polypropylene (PP) resin has minimal thermal shrinkage even in the high temperature range.

  • Thermal insulation

    Foam containing a large amount of air with minimized convection resulting in low thermal conductivity and superior thermal insulation performance

  • Thinness

    Sekisui’s proprietary thinning technology realizes thin foam of 1 mm or less.

  • Shock absorption

    With the inherent flexibility of the resin and the bubble cell structure of the foam, the physical high-speed pressure (shock energy) is evenly dispersed.

  • Sealing of uneven surfaces

    With its flexibility, the foam seals uneven or sharp surfaces to achieve high sealing property.

  • Thermoformability

    Polypropylene (PP) resin has excellent heat-stability, Softlon SP can withstand high temperatures during molding, enabling highly deep drawability.

  • Smoothness

    An even and clean surface with finer cells compared to chemical crosslinked foam, suitable for adhesion and coating

  • Electrical characteristics

    Closed cell foam containing a large amount of air providing excellent dielectric strength and low permittivity.

  • Chemical resistance
    Oil resistance

    With superior resistance against acids, alkalines, organic solvents, and other chemicals, used in many industries

  • Low environmental load

    Being halogen-free, generating no toxic gases when burnt

  • Workability

    Excellent shape stability realizes various processing.


A thin grade that combines strength and softness with the world's thinnest level of foam products. Suitable for base materials for various tapes, gasket and cushion in electronic devices.


We provide products for special applications such as artificial turf underlay, flame-retardant foams for aircraft, and high thermal conductivity materials.



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