High-performance thermal insulation foam developed for applications to the ducts of buildings and railway vehicles

Conforming to various international flame-retardant standards, and with excellent themal insulation (0.032 W/mK @23°C) and reduced dew condensation risk, this foam has been serving a wide range of applications. Different from glass wools, it allows clean and safe installation free from release of fibers.

Features of Thermobreak

  • For construction

    Conforming to ISO5659-2 and other construction standards
    (BS476, ASTM E84, UL723, etc.)

  • For railway vehicles

    Conforming to EN45545-2 and other standards
    (NFPA 130, BS6853, etc.)

Applications of Thermobreak

  • Thermal insulation for construction
    (for insulating ducts and piping)

  • Thermal insulation for railway vehicles
    (Insulators for ducts, air conditioners, etc.)



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