• Softlon NF

    Softlon NF

    Foam superior in heat resistance and thermoformability, suitable for use in high-temperature environments

    While realizing excellent heat resistance with little change in dimensions and shape at a high temperature of 100°C, this foam has excellent thermoformability and allows deep draw vacuum forming.

    Features of Softlon NF

    • Superior heat resistance and little change in dimensions when heated

    • Allowing thermoforming with superior formability

    • Maintaining the high basic performance of Softlon.

    Applications of Softlon NF

    • Hot water supply piping thermal insulators

    • Various interior materials

    • Drain tube thermal insulators

    • Thermal insulations for air conditioner piping

    • Tank thermal insulators, etc.

    • Curing sheets

    • Thermal insulation for car air conditioners

    • Thermal insulations for covering copper pipes, etc.

    • Wheel house covers

  • Softlon FR-ND

    Softlon FR-ND

    Thermal-insulating and shock-absorbing foam with excellent flame retardant, conforming to various standards: UL, FMVSS, railway standards, etc.

    This foam provides flame retardatnt without using a bromine-based flame retardant, which is subjected to the RoHS directive, European environmental regulations.

    Features of Softlon FR-ND

    • Conforming to the UL standard (HF-1)

    • Conforming to the standards for (flame resistant) non-metal materials used for railway vehicles

    • (Equivalent to) Conformance to vehicle interior materials (FMVSS 302) standards

    • Free from flame retardants subjected to the RoHS directive

    • Maintaining the high basic performance of Softlon.

    Applications of Softlon FR-ND

    • Duct insulation for railway vehicles

    • Gaskets, etc. for car speakers.

    • Thermal insulation for air conditioners

    • Internal shock absorbers, etc. for printers

  • Softlon IF

    Softlon IF

    Flexible foam with improved expandability and stiffness

    More expandable than Softlon S, this foam has excellent thermoformability, which offers a high degree of freedom in processing, allowing deep draw vacuum forming.

    Features of Softlon IF

    • High expandability and stiffness

    • Suitable for tape bases with superior skin strength (against peeling)

    • Maintaining the high basic performance of Softlon.

    Applications of Softlon IF

    • Construction tape bases

    • Pillar trims

    • Industry tape bases, etc.

    • Boot mats

    • Flooring substrates

    • Harness protectors

    • Window frames, tile joints, etc.

    • Sealing materials, etc.



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