Softlon S

Softlon S

Standard foam offering the high basic performance of Softlon

Foam sheets produced by emitting electron beams to polyethylene, heating and foaming
Featuring closed cell foam close to each other, superior in light weight, thermal insulation, shock absorption, chemical resistance and workability

Features of Softlon S

  • Excellent smoothness with even cells

  • Light weight, flexible, and excellent shock absorption

  • Superior tensile and compression strength

  • High resistance against acids, alkaline, and organic solvents

  • High thermal insulation performance

  • Thermoplastic resin allowing thermoforming

Applications of Softlon S

  • Various tape base materials
  • Insulation for various roofing materials
  • Dew condensation prevention and waterproofing materials
  • Various joints for civil engineering and construction
  • Various substrates, etc.
  • HVAC applications
  • Water supply piping freeze-protection materials
  • Bath tub thermal insulators
  • Gaskets and sealing materials
  • Shock absorbers for packing
  • Swimming and other sport gears
  • Floor heating flooring backing material

    Floor heating flooring backing material

  • Secondary battery dust-proof packing

    Secondary battery dust-proof packing

  • Low-dielectric materials around an antenna

    Low-dielectric materials around an antenna

  • Shock absorbers for drone parts

    Shock absorbers for drone parts



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