• Softlon SK

    Softlon SK

    Roof thermal insulation foam with dew drop condensation

    Allowing flexible sticking to various shapes of roofs with superior expandability, this foam effectively prevents dew condensation and preserves the life of metal roofing materials.

    Features of Softlon SK

    • Reducing dew dropping with high dew holding properties

    • Alleviating rain noise with vibration control effects

    • Maintaining the high basic performance of Softlon.

    Applications of Softlon SK

    • Dedicated for folded plate roofs

  • Chemitron HT

    ※Chemitron HT was discontinued at the end of September 2021.

    Chemitron HT

    A heat-insulating material for a roof exterior thermal insulation system, which is made of chemical cross-linked polyethylene foam with excellent heat resistance and workability

    This chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam is used for exterior thermal insulation for roofs. It has contributed to increasing the variety of roof waterproofing methods, functional enhancements, and labor saving. It has also achieved high levels of energy saving.

    Features of Chemitron HT

    • Water absorption resistance and stable heat insulation with closed cell foam

    • Heat resistance against heated asphalt application

    • Aging resistance against bacteria and adhesives

    Applications of Chemitron HT

    • Roof exterior heat insulation methods (heat insulation/shock absorption)

    • Substrates/leveling materials for waterproof layers

    • Waterproof layer protection materials for subways/elevated roads

  • Lightlon Rod

    Lightlon Rod

    Joint backup foam with superior cushioning, water and chemical resistance

    This highly non crosslinked foamed polyethylene backup material in a round bar shape is widely used as an elastic sealant in construction and civil engineering.

    Features of Lightlon Rod

    • Realized double-sided adhesion without placing a load on sealant

    • Superior water and moisture absorption resistance with closed cell foam

    • Water and chemical resistance with little aging

    Applications of Lightlon Rod

    • Filling joints between unit panels

    • Around window sashes

    • Joints between concrete and mortar of seawalls, bridges, etc.

  • Vibless Sheet

    Vibless Sheet

    Special sheets with a unique vibration control layer for reducing noise in daily life

    Spread under metal roofs or under flooring, these sheets reduce the sound of rain and impacts, enhancing comfort. Two types are available: Vibless Roof Sheets for roofs and Vibless Floor Sheets for flooring.

    Features of Vibless Sheet

    • Noise reduction of up to -10dB (= feels like being reduced by half) (*)
      * This is not a guaranteed value because of the differences between the target structures and materials.

    • Vibless Roof Sheets have adhesive layers for easy installation.
      (No winding device is required for laminating the sheets with steel plates while peeling off release paper.)

    • Vibless Floor Sheets can be cut with a box cutter for improved installation.

    Applications of Vibless Sheet

    • Roofs
      Reducing rain noise from the folded plate roof of a prefabricated house
      Reducing rain noise from a folded plate roof

    • Floors
      Measures against noise transmitted downwards in a highly airtight house
      Application as a replacement for rubber sound insulation sheet



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