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Having a long history, Sekisui foam is used as a heat insulator,
airtight material, and various substrates for houses and general buildings concealed from view.

  • Window frame sealant

    Window frame sealant

    High flexibility to waterproof/dustproof uneven surfaces

  • Sound insulating floor substrate

    Sound insulating floor substrate

    Moderate repulsive force and sound insulation, suitable as a floor base material

  • Floor heating flooring backing material

    Floor heating flooring backing material

    High heat insulation, moderate repulsive force, and easy workability

  • Roof floor insulation<br>Rubber sheet backing material

    Roof floor insulation
    Rubber sheet backing material

    High heat insulation and easy workability, adaptable to a thickness of 10 mm or more

    ※Discontinued in September 2021

  • Metal attic damping material

    Metal attic damping material

    Suppresses the sound of rain drumming on metal roofs and easy workability

  • Various roof thermal insulation for factories and warehouses

    Various roof thermal insulation for factories and warehouses

    High heat insulation to prevent condensation, achieving both light weight and high flexibility

  • Air conditioning duct insulation

    Air conditioning duct insulation

    Achieving both high heat insulation and flame retardancy, with excellent workability

  • Artificial turf base material

    Artificial turf base material

    Specially processed product with high durability and easy workability



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