With the recognition that environmental protection and quality enhancement are major business challenges,
the SEKISUI CHEMICAL Group has been working to establish environment and quality management systems at all its offices, and has obtained ISO14001 and ISO9001 certifications.



Softlon was developed in 1964 at our laboratory, and in 1967, its mass production started at our Musashi plant.

In addition to Softlon (polyolefin foam), we are producing a variety of adhesive tapes, industrial tapes, and fire protection sheets.

Musashi plant
Other Business units

  • Energy


    Introduction of a cogeneration system (CGS)

    We have introduced a high-efficiency energy supply system that consists of a liquid natural gas engine generator whose exhaust is used to generate steam for energy recycling. The system has reduced the purchase of electricity, having cut CO2 by approximately 20% or more compared to a conventional power generation system.

  • Recycling


    Introduction of RPF processing facilities to covert waste plastic to fuel

    This system shreds waste plastic discarded from the factory, strongly compresses it to reduce its volume, and process it into pellets. RPF made from waste plastic, which is properly classified, has stable quality and high calorific values. As a replacement fossil fuel such as coal, it is supplied as clean energy, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Biodiversity


    Creation of "Forest of Musashi"

    In urban areas and residential areas, green spaces, even if limited, serve as precious habitats for living creatures. We will continue maintaining the biodiversity of the green spaces on the site of the Musashi plant so that they are friendly to animals and help plants to root and grow.

Local community & Global environment

  • Green trust – Gatherings of citizens around "Lake Kurohama"

    Green trust – Gatherings of citizens around "Lake Kurohama"

    With a local NPO, we hold gatherings (including quiz rally and wood workshop) for the purpose of introducing the great nature around Kurohama-numa to many local citizens.

  • Factory work experience program

    Factory work experience program

    The work experience program for junior high school students includes a plant tour, and the introduction of our environmental protection efforts through planting trees and sowing seeds, and creating bird nests.

  • Cleaning up around Musashi plant

    Cleaning up around Musashi plant

    As a part of environmental protection and community contribution activities, our employees clean up the areas around the plant every year.



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