Translucent technology

Optical displays with a comfortable touch
Renovating the conventional interior design with translucent foam having a comfortable touch

  • Ever changing trend of automotive interiors:
    We keep an eye on the changes in interior needs brought about by self-driving.

    About a decade ago, not obstructing driving was the first priority in designing automotive interiors. A demerit system was used to evaluate their performance, such as:
    ・Their colors are not reflected on the windshield.
    ・Dirt is less visible.

    Today, car interiors are graded by vehicle types.
    Luxury cars are equipped with high-grade interiors, which demands materials with features creating additional values, such as:
    ・Formability for enhanced appearance
    ・Comfortable touch

    Market trend of automotive interior materials

    Recent Automotive Interiors

    Recent Automotive Interiors

    Design and materials that do not obstruct driving

  • The interior space of a fully autonomous (level 5) car:
    It will probably an indoor space with great comfort and functionality.

    By 2020, fully autonomous (level-5) will become reality.
    At that time, it is said that our sense of values regarding a car will completely change from:
    ・A vehicle to drive to a space that carries us to the destination
    ・A driver to a guest sitting in that space

    For the guest to enjoy comfort, the interiors of a car need to be pleasant to the five senses, and visually and sensationally novel, which require new technology.

    To realize such a future, Sekisui has been developing new products while discussing their requirements with many auto manufacturers.

    Interior materials required for automated driving

    Car Interiors in Near Future Drawn by Sekisui

    Car Interiors in Near Future Drawn by Sekisui

    Changes toward improved comfort and design

  • Sekisui foam, constantly providing car interiors with comfort:
    The next step is the realization of a new module on an optical display.

    Sekisui Softlon SP has been used on the rear sides of the surface skin materials installed on instrument panels and door trims. With light-weight, thinness, and comfortable touch, it has been used for many vehicle grade.

    To provide interiors with new and improved values, Sekisui has been developing foam with comfortable touch without degrading optical performance, while conforming to the severe standards of car interiors.
    This product has the potential for enabling an entirely new approach to future automotive interior materials and also optical display materials.

    Features of Sekisui translucent foam

    Proposal of a High-Touch Transparent Module from Sekisui

    Proposal of a High-Touch Transparent Module from Sekisui

    The high-touch foam raises the value of the translucent design.



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